Monday, October 13, 2008

Newport County Votes!

Last Thursday was the Newport Daily News' editorial board (3 people) interview for Middletown Council & School candidates. You should watch. At least part of them. I'm especially interested in deciding who I'm going to vote for for School Committee- more than 60% of the town's budget after all.

I'm appreciative for the local newspaper, Cox, & NCTV (volunteers who do the producing) for performing this community service. Is this a perfect format- 14 candidates for 1 1/2hrs? I believe that there were 4 questions. No, it's not. But it's better than zilch.

The Daily News will make their endorsements the weekend before the election. Ah, now this is where we often disagree. I vote for candidates because of platforms, past history, etc. That's it. Does Party membership matter? Only indirectly. If they subscribe to a state/federal platform it gives me more information about them. Less so on a local level. From what I've observed, the newspaper does care about Party membership. It trying to be impartial, they divide endorsements along Party lines. That's not impartial. It's partisan, pure & simple (or not so pure & not so simple).

So locally you'll see clear even-handed endorsements along Party lines. For statewide office, it will be all Republican unless it's Paiva-Weed. That's because they want the Lege evenly divided along Party lines (oh, you dreamer, you). This despite the fact that ALL the material I've rec'd recently from Republicans contains NO INFO on their Party membership. A bit disingenuous, I think. As I've said before, in this state you could take half of the Dems & call them Republicans anyway. Who'd notice?

But, that's my take on the scene. And at least they give it a shot. Now that they've filmed what used-to-be private sessions, some light is being shed on their whole process- theoretically. They tend to fervishly write (except Sheila) during these interviews. Personally, I think it's their next week's to-do list. LOL.

Thanks also to local reporter Matt Shelley who out of all this insanity finds at least one positive comment or thought from each candidate to highlight. He writes most fervishly of all. He must also be doing his grocery list.

Here is the rather franatical schedule of showings on Channel 18 Cox:

Tiverton Council: Fri. at 7., Sat. at 11 am
School Com.: Fri., 8:30, Sat. at 12:30
Treasuerer: Sat., 7 pm, Sun. at 11 am
Charter Ques.: Sat. at 7 pm, Sun. at 11:30

Portsmouth Council: Sat. at 8 pm, Sun. at noon.

Newport Council: Sat. at 11 pm, Sun. at 1:45

Middletown Council: Fri. at 9 pm, Sat. at 1
School Committee: Fri. at 10:35 pm, Sat. at 2:35

The schedule is more like hit or miss. It's on at other times, but you have to figure it out. Exactly how dedicated a voter are you?

Sheila Mullowney was brave to take this job on ?4 yrs. ago? 2 yrs.? Not as easy as she makes it appear.

Sorry, they don't vote in Little Compton. Or Jamestown. I guess.
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