Friday, October 17, 2008

Middletown's Lawsuit

I have a copy of the lawsuit filed by Gerry Kempen against the town. Each day I'll print parts of it. You can get your own copy from the courts (Newport Co.). It's a public document. I'll figure out a way to post the entire filing online, asap.

It names the Town (as represented by Town Admin., Sean Brown & Finance Dir., Lynn Dible). It also directly names Paul Rodrigues (Council Prez), Shirley Mello (Vice Prez), Barbara Barrow (Councilor).

Now remember in all of the complaines, the Town Charter forbids any interference by individual Council members with the Town Admin., but specifies no resulting redress. The Charter amendment that we having voting on in Nov. tightens up the regs even more.

"In July, 2006, following an overflow of the Middletown sewage pumping station, necessitating the closing of the City of Newport's Easton's Beach to all swimming, the Plaintiff [Kempen], following a request from the City of Newport, permitted Newport season pass holders at Easton Beach to use Middletowns 2nd Beach for that weekend without charge.

Upon learning the next morning of this decision by the Plaintiff, the Defendant Paul Rodrigues, in a face-to-face meeting with the Plaintiff, ordered the Plaintiff to call the City of Newport officials and rescind the administrative decision be made the day before. The Plaintiff complied. Later in the day, following a communication between the City of Newport representatives and the Defendant Paul Rodrigues, the Plaintiff was told by the Defendant Paul Rodrigues to once again allow Easton's Beach pass holders free access to Middletown's 2nd Beach."

Guess this just was a matter of because "I'm the boss"& "because I say so."

More later.
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