Monday, October 20, 2008

Middletown's Lawsuit #3

***Some discussion here under comments. Let me be clear. My family have lost jobs and I do not support firing anyone without good cause- ever. A job is just too darn important to be playing games with or trying to extract revenge. I also am calling to your attention regarding a previous posting Councilor Silveira made last year in the from of an editorial which never made it to the "Daily News"- HERE.

"When the perfomrance evaluation was given to the Plaintiff in October of 2007 [it was supposed to be done in June], it was transparent to the Plaintiff, based on the scored and comments contained in his evaluation, that this evaluation document was an attempt to establish grounds to terminate his employment with the Town of Middletown. Under the terms of his employment agreement with the Town... Under the terms of his employment agreement with the Town..., if terminated for cause, the Plaintiff would not be elibile to recive a severance compensation package that had been negotiated in said employment agreement.

When the Plaintiff attempted to discuss inaccuracies in the evaluation document with the Defendant Paul Rodrigues and the other members of the Town Council, when the subject of the Defedent Rodrigues sister came up, the Defendant Rodriges yelled at the Plaintiff, stating :Leave my sister out of this, or I'm going to bury you right here and right now!"

Strong stuff. His sister is the Senior Ctr. Director., Arlene Kaull.

Kind of makes somewhat disinegeuous the later charges that Rodrigues brings:

"The statements of the Defendant Paul Rodrigues portray the Plaintiff in an unfavorable light, disparage him, and were critical of the Plaintiff, in part, because the statements insinuate that the Town had to be protected from something that the Plaintiff Kempen had done, or intended to do, adn that the Town Council and/or Defendant Rodrigues had to do something to protect the Town...from Kempen. Such statements are not flattering to, and in fact, are an insult to the integrity and record of service of the Plaintiff with the Town..., and are in violation of the expressed terms of the Separation and Release Agreement.

One should keep in mind which candidates wanted all of this to stay secret. Frank Bozyan (Dem.), Teresa Santos (Rep.), and Barbara Barrows (Rep.). Democrats silent on this matter (in deference to the local Dem. Town Committee leadership consisting of Arlene Kaul & Dave Lavine) are Chris Semonelli, Richard Cambra, & Elrony Williams. Silent also has been Republican Cheryl Roberts and Independent Morris Hirsch. Antone Viveiros (Rep.) wanted this secret agreement made public & wanted Kempen to speak publicly; as did Independents Helen Christy, Barbara VonVillas, and ME. Unendorsed Democrats wanting Kempen to speak are Sylvia & Silveira. Now perhaps you can understand why I did not ask for an endorsement & decided to run as Independent. Robert Sylvia & Ed Silveira decided to keep the Party label, but didn't bother asking for an endorsement. Would you want to owe this Dem. local leadership for anything??? Nope, not me and I hesitate to endorse anyone who does. Make no mistake about it, when someone raises almost ALL of the $ that your campaign uses & runs your campaign, YOU OWE!

One more of these, I think.
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