Monday, October 13, 2008

Local Republican Promos

This week on Bill Moyers' Journal there is a segment on political advertising. What is fair & what is below the belt? Attacking on issues- fair. Attacking with innuendo and half-truths- below the belt. What brings this to mind? How about the recent "Daily News" attack ad against Teresa Paiva-Weed? Yup. This definitely qualifies as below the belt. At least the her opponent mentions that she is a Republican. She forgot to condemn her for having met Buddy Cianci & shaken his hand. And I think that Teresa may well be responsible for hiding WMD SOMEWHERE (wink, wink). After all, from her bedroom window she across the ocean and Arab oil tankers. Yeah, and she, she, well, I'll just bet that she knows a Moslem or two. They's all over that NAVY base.

I still haven't recovered from my own Sen. Gibbs recent postcard wherein she touts herself as representing "change." Now the woman has been in the lege a quarter century and is 86. Ironically she supports term limits. So this is change? What is same old- same old, for crying out loud?

Now this is a woman who was a key player in R.I. for Bush. She was on his re-election committee and yet nowhere on this promo does she state that she is a "Republican." Rather she promotes herself as "Independent." Sorry, more than a tad disingenuous, to say the least.

I recently rec'd a professional done promo from Dan Reilly running for St. Rep. against Amy Rice. Same thing, but nicely done. Nowhere is it mentioned that he's a Republican. Why not? At least he doesn't try to persuade you that he's an "Independent." BTW, shortly he had left my area, I noticed his signed planted quite promonently in a public place. Personally, I have no problem with this. As a matter-of-fact, I like it. But there are those who...

Reilly's borrowed funds for his campaign. Understandable. Let's face it- he's? 19 & a Bryant student who family has been living in Fla. for quite awhile. It's where he went for most of his schooling (private, of course). So let's just say that he's not fully emancipated from mommy & daddy.

But what's this got to do with the price of eggs? Well, quite a lot it your lawyer daddy owes the state almost a mil in unpaid back taxes & is one of its biggest tax scofflaws. It's his parents' corporate interest (Shamrock Equities) that lent him the moola. Too bad it couldn't have gone into our tax coffers along with his pricey Bryant tuition. But that's just me I guess... Didn't keep his Party from endorsing him. So much for fiscal reponsibility.

He states that he's going to give localties more $. Yeah, yeah yeah. We'll be lucky if we actually receive what we've been promised. But let's do some creative thinking here- thinking out of the box as politicans LOVE to say. If his dad repays the state (I won't even get into the $ given to the son) & divvy it to 39 towns & cities- appx. $25,000 apiece. Yahoo! An increase from the State that we can call "property tax relief." Yup. Works for me.

I also like how he's going to forgo health care benefits from the State. Mighty easy to do when you're single & covered by Mom & Dad.

I am going to throw out a "Hat's off to you, buddy," though. He did fill out the "Political Courage Test" from Project Vote Smart. He's going to "greatly decrease" most taxes while at the same time increasing most state expenditures and adding a heckuva lot of new ones. Pray tell, exactly how does this voodoo math work? I MUST know. How else do I convinced my husband that I'm actually SAVING money while spending it? He's certainly not the only candidate of EITHER party doing this. Well, that's what we get for teaching all these kids the "new math." BTW, no new fees either. Whoopee! Bridge crossings will stay the same!

He's "undecided" on most social issues. I coud be wrong here, but you may need to decide on these things eventually. I'm also especially fond of this one: "Reduce state government regulations on the private sector." While some states were actually out there regulating banks & risky credit loans, some of which used to be referred to as "usury" or "extortion," we should continue doing just what has brought our country to a market crash. Hello.

Sometimes, I really can't believe how gullible they think that we are. And the real kicker is just how many times we have not disappointed them,
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