Monday, October 27, 2008

Area Politics

Ah, so much news, so little time.

Rep. Coaty took a hit in his re-election campaign against Peter Martin in Newport this weekend. The "Newport Daily News" had an article regarding a Middletowner who,

"... filed a complaint with the Supreme Court Disciplinary Board against her former attorney, Steven J. Coaty of Newport, claiming his negligence resulted in the dismissal of her injury suit against the city of Newport."

Political? Maybe, maybe not. It's legal-eagle stuff & I leave the highly complex court system to them. Still, if there are undecided independent voters out there, this has to have an effect. No one wants to win an election on "iffy" personal stuff like this. But it's out there.

Rep. Long was scheduled with his challenger Deb Ruggiero to be on one of the local Sun. news interview shows. He was a no-show. Wondering why? Well, there are actual news reporters there & they might ask hard questions like: did you ever pay your business taxes? do you live in the district? were you a drug addict? did you smack your former wife around?

Now, we ALL have life problems. But it is a little different when you're an elected official. Stuff like this matters. The question about living here was asked to Deb. She responded that she'd lived here awhile & that Rep. Long just purchased a home here. The bottom line was that there was no up-side to Rep. Long appearing & plenty of down-side.

Rep. Barney Frank is running a new election commerical in a circus setting- with trapeze fliers & elephants & everything. I'd post it but no link. It's actually- funny!

Sen. Gibbs has a commercial up, too. Top notch, I might add, although a bit deceptive. She's at Sachuest Point (fed'l park) speaking about how this area could have been developed. Please, gimme a break. No sewers there & the fed'l regs were a LOT different then regarding the Navy excessing land. But I digress. Then there is a short narration on how much she'd done for the district, blah, blah. Her next statement concerns how she was able to obtain $100,000 funding for the Aquid. Is. Planning Commission.

Now you're supposed to connect the two statements- developing Sachuest Point combined with $100,000 for a planning commission. Aha! She got the moola so that we could buy that park! What a gal! However, the two aren't related. The moola was a yr. or two ago. Sachuest Point has been there awhile & that $ had nothing to do with it. But still clever. And nicely produced. They even persuaded deer to show up!

Yeah, I'm a bit cynical when it comes to political blurbs and I've seen plenty lately from both sides of the aisle. I'm especially fond of Sen. Gibbs' website (link at left). LOL. Not much effort put into it as her opponent DiPalma didn't bother with one. At least he posted his political beliefs on the Political Courage Test though. Guess he's got it & she don't. But she's certainly not alone there.

In Middletown I keep seeing NDN tiny ads (& large promos) for the Middletown Dems Council "endorsed team." Same old, same old. Bloc voting u-r-us. A real mistake in my book, but what do I know?

So find candidates that you like, talk them up, contribute however you can. Voting matters! Do it! Persuade others to do the same. As they used to say in Chicago (and perhaps still do)- vote early! Vote often!
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