Thursday, October 30, 2008

4 + 2= Middletown Politics as Usual

**UPDATE** A reader sent me the mailer the "unendorsed" Dems sent out two years ago. Look familiar? Same basic promo, a few different names. What does this mean? Exactly what I said- more of the same. If you want that, then definitely read today's mailing & vote it. Yeah, fair & blanaced.

It's in the mail. The four "endorsed" Democratic candidates (Cambra, Semonelli, Bozyan, & Williams) join with Republicans Barrow & Santos on a postcard pushing for their elections. Repeatedly the local Dem. Town Committee leadership (Lavine, Bozyan, Kaull) said they would join with NO ONE except endorsed Dems for the election (despite others like Silveira suggesting otherwise). They have repeatedly spoken against non-partisan elections. And this new team was voted on by ??? Not at any town Dem. membership meeting. Were any of the other actual candidate Dems asked to join this new team? or Independents? or other Republicans? I think not. So, please, explain this to me. I know, I know, the fix is in.

Electing all of them will lead us to...more of the same-old, same-old. I'm disappointed. And the Middletown Dems paid for this mailing & printing. What a shocker. No wonder, T. Santos appeared at the Concerned Taxpayers forum, but elected to sit in the audience. Why answer tough questions when the election is already "in the bag" pushed not only by the TWO Republicans (screw Roberts & Viveiros) but by the Democrats. They were also no-shows at last night's "Meet the Candidates" night sponsored by Looking Upwards (Santos, Barrow, Bozyan, Cambra, Semonelli, & Williams). Like I said- it's in the bag so why bother with, y'know, the great unwashed?

A "responsible and balanced Council," indeed. Now where have I heard "fair & balanced" before (quick mind substitution you're supposed to make)? Oh, Fox News. Yeah. Fair & balanced- NOT. And all you Dems out there who paid for this promo- You Paid for It. Well, kinda. Check the previous post. When all is said & done- you get what you pay for. And yeah, it matters who pays for it & then uses your name whether you're on their committee or not. What a buy if you'd like to control a local political party- a few thousand buckeroos & it's yours.

Imagine, the NDN wouldn't endorse Barrow, Mello, or Bozyan, but the local Democrats will. Please, please, please. Vote. On the bottom of my blog I have a quote from Mark Twain, "If government is not good perhaps it is because the "good" refuse to participate and so we get the government that we deserve."

Who, then, are the "unholy" candidates: Republicans Antone Viveiros & Cheryl Foster; Independents Helen Christy, Barbara VonVillas, Morris Hirsch, and myself; unendorsed Dems (those bad boys) Sylvia & Silveira.

Ah, the curse of living in "interesting times." Your other Council votes (you elect 7 members for Council) after electing these 6, or 5, or even 4- totally irrelevant. Bet they've already got a Chair & Vice. Heck, they hardly need us at all. More isolation. Us against them. Because we say so. More Ed Silveiras. To quote the main character from a VERY old t.v. series,"What a revolting development this is!"

PS. Upon further reflection, I've decided that they're leaving room for Barbara VonVillas. She'll be the new Ed. Hair will have to change, though. Has she got a white suite? She'll be needing it. A white hat may help also.
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