Friday, September 26, 2008

Local Statewide Candidates & Political Courage

I'm posting here a letter printed recently by Middletown candidate Lou DiPalma from "Newport This Week." It doesn't say much for local media that the only way besides ads to get your message out it to write a letter to the local newspaper (one only per customer). For all the talk from t.v., radio, newspapers, they do little to get any word out.

DiPalma is proposing focusing efforts on building jobs in "green" technology & ocean technologies. This is not a new idea. Two years ago when I ran this was on the agenda. It's a good one, though, although this is still an "idea" and not a "plan." And it's definitely not unique to R.I. This needs to be done on a national basis. I do NOT want our state's once again undercutting each others with grants, tax breaks, etc., as in films, finance, high-tech, etc. From "This Saturday from 9:30 am to 11:30 am, YOU are invited to a community discussion called "Greening the RI Economy." The event will be held at New England Institute of Technology, 2480 Post Road in Warwick. This is a part of the national campaign - Green Jobs Now - being held nationwide on Saturday, September 27th."

The local newspaper will send out these candidates a letter asking them to participate in nationwide "Project Vote Smart" and answer a detailed questionnaire about the political beliefs regarding various items. It's the least candidates can do for the public. And most don't. The News could put the pressure on & refused to endorse anyone who was not, but...

So I'm posting up the links for candidates who have done so. Shame on those who have not. What's the secret? Three cheers for the posters, whether or not I agree with you.

You should carefully check out the State Budget & Taxes sections. If the State expenditures section calls for increases, there should be a co-responding plan for increasing the State Budget (I will refer to this as Basic Math 101). And no, "and then a miracle occurs," doesn't count."

It's called the "Political Courage" test for a reason. Candidates have until oct. 15 to post.

DiPalma (Sen., Dist. 12- D)
Gibbs- (R) no posting for ? 8 yrs.- no courage, I guess.

Charles Levesque (Sen., Dist.11- D )- ALWAYS POSTS
Charlies Ottiano (R)
John Vitkevich (Ind.) Nope.

Yeah, I know the above isn't actually in this District, but I'm keeping my eye on it & like Levesque.

Bruce Long (Rep., Dist. 71- R)- has never posted
Deborah Ruggiero (D)- zilch also. It's a stalemate

Amy Rice (Rep, Dist. 73-D)- ALWAYS POSTS
Dan Reilly (R)

Also not in this District, but I'm watching:

Steven Coaty (Rep, Dist. 75)- R) Nope.
Peter Martin (D) hasn't posted

Read them. I'll bet that if you don't know their Party beforehand, you'll have trouble guessing which they belong to. I sure do. Who needs a Republican Party when you have a Democratic one so widely diverse?
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