Friday, September 05, 2008

Beach Clean-Ups- Sept. 20

The ICC program is a worldwide event and Audubon Society sponsors the event in Rhode Island. The slogan for the event is “Keep the Sea Free of Debris.” Recently, an Osprey added a piece of plastic to their nest and the entanglement resulted in the death of one of the young birds.

So pick-a-beach. Contact them by Sept. 1 & you'll likely receive a t-shirt. SO fashion-forward.

Nine a.m. till Noon on Sat., Sept. 20.

Newport: First Beach- COA'S Dave McLaughlin

Ft. Adams- Red Godin, 413-6090

King's Beach- Tom Freeman- 848-7619

Rose Island- Reada Evans- 847-4242


Second Beach- Liz Abramek, 654-9640

Sachuest Point- Gary Paquette

Third Beach- Catherine Arning, 846-2577


Grinnell's Beach/Fogland Point- Diane Sunderland- 624-8207

Little Compton

Little Compton's town shoreline in various locations Sandra Farr, 635-8640

There are more locations, but I tire of typing (Jamestown, Prudence Is., Portsmouth). For more info call the main sponsor, the Audubon Soc. at 949-5454 or Fri.'s NDN.
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