Monday, August 11, 2008

"Putting Potholes Before Politics"

Middletown Councilor Ed Silveira forwarded an article from the IndyStar newspaper columnist Matthew Tully:

Few things baffle me more than people who insist on worrying about partisan labels when it comes to local government.

As clear as the difference is in philosophies between the political parties at the national level, I've never understood what is Democratic and what is Republican about city government, which at its core should be about nothing grander than providing the most basic services -- and providing them well.

He continues:
As a homeowner and a taxpayer, all I care about is whether my elected officials are competently running the city. As far as their views on abortion, the war and gay marriage -- and whether they have a D or an R next to their name -- I couldn't care less.
Well said. He closes with:
Many of us don't care if there's a Democratic mayor or a Republican mayor. We just want our potholes filled and our garbage picked up.
We want our beaches clean, good schools, and Councilors keeping an eye out for the proposed wind project in our waters. Our property tax monies should be wisely spent & kept low. We want to know how we as individuals and as a community can be environmentally friendly. Middletowners want good jobs & affordable health care, along with affordable housing. We don't want name-calling or a police guard at the meetings.

While partisan politics plays roles in national & state elections, the Party label gives us little info on your position regarding trash pick-up, the school budget, or attracting good jobs here. So why did the majority of the Council (Rodrigues, Mello, Barrows, & Santos) vote down a referendum on voting for or against non-partisan elections? You tell me. Please.

Thanks to Councilor Silveira & IndyStar columnist Tully.
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