Saturday, August 23, 2008

Let the Sunshine on Former T.A. Kempen

The NDN editorialized on opening up former Town Admin's parting agreement for public scrutiny. The title is "Secrecy over Kempen deal helps no one." Well, it obiously helps a few, doesn't it, or it wouldn't be secret.

Besides the threat of a Kempen lawsuit for "disparaging and untrue" comments by Council members. Hmm, now who would that be? Who made public comments: Barrows, Mello, Rodrigues. Who voted to keep it shh! Barrows, Santos, Mello, Rodrigues.

Instead of being able to move on from a relationship that was terminated before it was contractually obligated to end, the council is living under the shadow of questions: How much did the town really ay Gerald S. Kempen so that he could return to the private sector? What claims did Kempen actually have about "certain town officials" impeding his ability to do his job, leading to his resignation in December.
It continues:

No wonder people are angry. No wonder they are distrustful. But this is an election year, so they can do something about it.
It will be interesting to see if the NDN endorsements reflect this editorial statement. Which candidates have publicly stated that this whole incident needs a heckuva lot of sunshine thrown on it: Spillane (me), Silveira, Sylvia, VonVillas, Christy, Viveiros.

That be it.
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