Thursday, August 28, 2008

Carcieri Owes Taxes in Florida- Update

****Updated Update**** You're welcome Projo for my background info (and that of Pat Crowley of You did a great follow-up job, but missed an important question. Hey, I know something about real estate dealings having done this most of my life with my hubby doing this ALL of his.

It seems the tax office in Marin Co., Fla. had a great laugh over the guv's excuse that he never rec'd the billings for 2 yrs. of unpaid taxes on one of his exclusive waterside condos.

However, the litigation and collections manager for Martin County said yesterday that the office sent the bill to the correct address last December after a clerk did a little research and found Carcieri’s current address on Kenyon Avenue.

Oooh, liar, liar, pants on fire. Is there a mortgage involved here? Has anyone asked? They would certainly know in the county records office.

Here is a Florida media link and here is one from the Assoc. Press. It's been all over Florida television.

****UPDATE**** News at 4- Channel 6 did a story on this. Oops! Guv made a mistake. He sent the $ in last night. He says that the bill went to the wrong address (5 Pearl St., E. Greenwich) & his bill payers did not pay it. Funny, he does own the property that it went to. Funny, you usually have to sign for these things.

I can just hear the postman now: "Where is this Donald Carcieri? Where is Suzanne? They used to live here, now where-in-the- heck can I possibly locate them?"

Funny, it was never forwarded. All-in-all, seems to be a rich man's problem. No, Channel 6 doesn't have to thank me or Pat Crowley of You're welcome.

Gee, guv, if you hadn't paid the $ you would have lost the property in a tax deed sale which you'd never know anything about. Hmm, a wk. or 2 in Jan. in Fla. sounds mighty good to me. I won't hold my breath, but if you're looking... I'm in the book.

The guv's Florida condo (he owns two) has gone up for property tax sale- twice!

No, I'm not joking & just to be sure of my initial facts, good ole Pat Crowley of checked it out firsthand with the Tax Assessor's office in Stuart, Florida. The guv & his wife own two condos. On one they pay taxes & on the other they have not bothered for two years. Consequently, "certificates" were sold to two different bidders for the same property over a two year period.

In two years you either pay those taxes back to the certificate owners with interest, or they have the right to take it to a tax sale auction to purchase a "tax deed." They then own the property. That's the long and & short of it.

For want of less than $12,000, our multi-millionaire guv has not seen fit to pay his property taxes to Stuart, Florida. What a guy!

Hello, media. I found this out in less than two hours of research which I passed on to Pat. And I'm just a li'l ole retired librarian.

Do I have the proof? You bet! "Entrust Admin. SVCS FBO Richard" owns one &" MTAG custodians for Marguerita Asset" owns the other. We're waiting for the Guv's response. And we could have had Fogarty. Go figure. Yeah, ethical. It's all a matter of public record. Gotta love those online public records!

Stay tuned for more!

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