Friday, July 11, 2008

Today is Do-or-Die for Candidates

I'll try & have a local update later today. This from Chris Barnett at the Secretary of State:


PROVIDENCE, R.I. (July 11, 2008) - Today at 4 p.m. is the deadline for candidatesto submit the signatures of enough eligible Rhode Island voters to get onthe ballot this year, according to Secretary of State A. Ralph Mollis.

Rhode Islanders can track the progress of all of the candidates who arevying for a spot on the ballot by visiting the Secretary of State's website at morning Mollis will update the number of signatures that have been certified for every candidate in their quest to appear on the ballot.

Signature papers already have started to trickle in to local boards of canvassers, according to Mollis. Among the candidates who appear to already have made the cut are House Majority Leader Gordon Fox and House Finance Committee Chairman Steve Costantino, both Providence Democrats.

The Secretary of State has until July 18 to finish certifying the names inorder for candidates to officially be placed on the ballot for theSeptember 9 primary or November 4 election.

The 2,800 Rhode Islanders who filed declarations of candidacy last month have had since July 1 to collect the signatures of eligible voters. The thresholds range from 50 signatures for the state House of Representativesand many municipal offices to 1,000 signatures for the U.S. Senate.

"This is a very exciting time for American and Rhode Island politics. Rhode Islanders are becoming extremely active in the governmental process as evidenced by the high turnout of voters we had in March and the great number of candidates in this year's election cycle," said Mollis.

At 5 p.m. on July 18, Mollis will hold a public lottery at the State Houseto determine the order in which unendorsed candidates for Congress and the General Assembly will appear on primary ballots. The lottery will also determine the order in which recognized political parties and independent candidates will appear on the ballot for November's election.

A calendar with every key date leading up to Rhode Island's primary andgeneral election is also posted on Mollis' web site.

Secretary of State Mollis is committed to making it easier for RhodeIslanders to vote, helping businesses grow and making government more open and accessible. For more information about the programs and services theSecretary of State offers Rhode Islanders, visit< .
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