Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Middletown Trash

I've been busy; hence, fewer postings. And my only 2 yr. old Dell laptop seems to have died with hard disk problems. The warranty, of course, lapsed recently. Right now I do NOT have very nice things to say about Dell. I have a local vendor working on it & am ready to plop down big bucks for one with a 5 yr. guarantee & a back-up system. My son, the computer nerd, let me down & I have to plan a way to get my revenge. So two years worth of work gone unless a miracle occurs. Hmm, the dog could use a bath...

Matt Sheley of the NDN has two articles on Middletown's trash program up. One is of special interest as it gives you yearly costs on how much yearly trash pick-up with recycling wil cost you. In my recent meanderings around the town obtaining nomination paper signatures, this topic elicited the MOST comments. "We love it, BUT (there was always a but)..." or "We want Newport's system." To say that it needs tweaking is an understatement.

The first article deals with the need to obtain a $50 sticker. The second deals with residential program costs. Nothing said about paying private haulers who do not recycle to haul your trash away. You're on your own. But in today's society, you're frequently on your own anyway, right? And if you're an everyday Joe, you're manacled with heavy regs. Not so if you are wealthy & getting wealthier or are a so-called power broker aligned with the former. Sigh, but I digress. I could also blame much of this on the State (and fed'l, too) who led us down this rabbit hole but come out smelling like roses. But that's for another day (sigh again).
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