Tuesday, June 03, 2008

No Fines this Month at MPL

Some correction is necessary here. The amount of cans you donate depends on the fine- 1 can for $1.00 or less, 2 cans for $2.00 or less, et al. Jeeesh! How about a can an item? Or even no fines w/suggested food donation for those who would like to do so. The library doesn't get the $ anyway- it goes into the general fund. We have some really low income families living here. While a nickel a day fine doesn't sound like much for most, to some it does. Youu'd be surprised at the old items that would show up.

During the month of June you can escape book fines by donating a canned good for each overdue item. I'll be there today with my goods (me- an overdue book- perish the thought!)!
A generous move on the part of the Middletown Library & the Board. Shelters/kitchens are in need of these items year round. Help feed your fellow islanders by donating even if your books are on time!
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