Thursday, June 05, 2008

Middletown Vets Honored

This is what got Councilman in so much trouble with Councilor Santos & Rodrigues (see this previous posting). No newspaper covered it & I was busy at the time. So shoot him (and me).

On Dec. 10, 2007 the Council honored with commendations (6) Town Employees and Residents involved in war efforts.

Councillor Silveira reviewed the process leading up to this event along with reading the following.

Honored were:

Steven J. Ferreira

Ferenc Karoly, Jr.

Alan G. Levada (who never even rec'd a local voting ballot)

Christopher J. Rosa

Carrie L. Rushworth

A.J. Bucci

Thank you!

2. Councillor Silveira then requested that the War Memorial Committee be charged to create a process to formally honor Town Employees & Residents involved in the war effort. This was done. This committee has Councilor Santos serving as Chair flaunting the town's policies for appointed committees to follow. Go ahead, I challenge you. Find out who the committee members are & the length of their terms (forever). Even better yet- find out when they were appointed and then tell me. I certainly couldn't locate it in town minutes. Details, details.

So what's the process they've developed? They asked the payroll dept. for names & have come up with 10. I'm not kidding. God bless the payroll dept., the source of all veteran information in the town. Who knew? This group never even had to, like, meet.

Yup, just like I've said before- the gang that couldn't shoot straight.
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