Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Beach Bond- No; Open Space- Yes

Projo's busy little beaver, Meaghan Wims, sucessfully squeezed yet another story out of Middletown's Mon. Council meeting. This one concerned the Council's refusal to place a 5 mil beach bond request on the ballot. Meanwhile the Newport Daily News gives us "killer" bus stories.

I was rather surprised by the vote myself. The three "Nay" voters (DiPalma, Silveira, & Sylvia) seemed not so concerned on the need for a new beach pavilion, but rather by the indebtedness the town would incur. They indicated that after the previous school budget hearing with complaints by every speaker over the more than $100,000 slash, it was hard to say "yes" to this but "no" to the schools (see previous posting on Council meeting). Point well taken.

I like placing bond requests up for a public vote- all of them. The plan was to build a building similar to Newport's. It would also have a multi-purpose room available for community use and/or rental. I hope that they will stick with it & give it a try next time around. The key is to garnering public support & lots of persistence.

However, the Open Space bond (a mil) rec'd a go. It could be because the later brought signs- really good ones! Large cows playing soccer with "Support Open Space" on them. If someone has a pic, please send!
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