Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Middletown Fishes & Buses

The Newport Daily News has a rather fishy Midd. article up today by Matt Sheley.

Then, according to the [police] report, Santos said Silveira mentioned she and Town Council President Paul M. Rodrigues should “get off the bus, before the bus runs you over,” a comment that upset and alarmed her. The report said that Santos was particularly troubled in light of the incident with the dead fish at the senior center....

Yes, it's all quite clear to me. A BUS killed the fish in front of the Senior Center. How the bus killed the fish; that is, what is was doing anywhere near a bus, I'm not quite sure, but if it had gotten off sooner, it would still be alive today!

“I never said that,” Silveira said of the quote attributed to him in the police report. “I was trying to help Mrs. Santos. What I actually said to her was, ‘If I can offer you some advice, I’d say get off the bus,’ and she said, ‘Before it runs me over,’ and I said, ‘No, before it crashes.’”

What bus is this anyway? Does it go down Wolcott? I want to avoid this wayward killer bus. Who is driving it? Someone who strongly dislikes Midd. Dems & Rep. politicians AND fish. No one jumps to mind. The constabulary need to get on this pronto.

Speculation? I figure that my dog Holly's pic is now posted right alongside Councilor Silveira's. One is a "traveler" and one just looks too damn innocent! You sort them out. And beware those buses! If anytime you notice a FISH anywhere even near a bus, wait for the next run.

Of course, I don't want to belabor the point of how a bus can run you over if you're on it. ...and then a miracle occurs... Do the police have any time to do any real work around here?

I find it odd the the "News" thought that this story has "legs," but gave a pass on the fire bomb story from Rep. Bruce Long's wife.

Sometimes, this is just so much fun!
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