Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Middletown Council Grumblings

It's been going on for ? 4 yrs., 6 yrs.? Check out Ron Santa's latest Council minutes or watch on t.v. After yet another verbal dispute, the Prez tells Councilor Silveira: that “the nonsense and bickering must stop.” Yes, Daddy.

So who's got the power on the Council to end it? Another "Duh!" moment.

What happened to the ruling on Councilor Silvia's motion to rescind the requirement for former T. Admin. Kempen to repay monies the Council gave him in order for him to make his parting agreement public? Maybe next time. Or perhaps another motion or amendment...

Councilor Silveira has realized that while he may get motions passed in the Council, they are then stonewalled after-the-fact. Councilor Silvia seems to have recently come to this conclusion while Councilor DiPalma seems to have just given up. One person's opinion. The promises of Council "healing" were just conversation after all.
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