Thursday, June 26, 2008

Local Candidates' Update

** Correction added re:- Newport House, Dist. 75. Oops! I misspelled the name (sorry, I was using a lot of source materials). The correct name is Peter F. Martin. I'm also thinking of adding political candidate web sites to my blog when I have the time & impetus. So please feel free to send. I'm also thinking of doing candidate interviews. So many things to do & so little time!

I'll post candidate filings as I find them out. Anyone wishing to send me a candidate announcement or the name of a filer is most welcome to & I will post (Newport, Middletown, Tiverton, Little Compton). Click here for the Sec'y of St. website on candidates. Thanks to Sec'y of St.'s Communication Officer, Chris Barnett.

Thanks to John McDaid of Hard Deadlines for making me aware that the Sec'y of St. has a website on this!

Portsmouth/Bristol Sen. Chuck Levesque (my personal fav) has a Rep. opponent: Chris Ottianao (Portsmouth surgeon who challenged him last time). Newport/Jamestown's Sne. Teresa Paiva-Weed has a Rep. opponent, Donna Perry of Portsmouth

Middletown: THIS IS UP-TO-DATE.

Council (Elect 7)

Barbara Barrow (Rep.)
Frank Bozyan (Dem.)
Richard Cambra (Dem.)
Helen Christy (Ind).- she was former Sr. Ct. Director
Cheryl Foster (Rep.)
Antone Viveiros (Rep.)
M. Theresa Santos (Rep.)
Chris. Semonelli (Dem.)
Edward Silveira, Jr. (Dem.)
Eileen Spillane (Ind.)
Robert Sylvia (Dem)
Barbara VonVillas (Ind.)
Elrony Williams (Dem)
Morris Hirsch (Ind.)

School Committee (non-partisan):

Frank Forgue (he is registered Dem.) Former Midd. tchr.
Bill O'Connell (he is registered Rep.) I believe he is a ret'd Mass. Cath. school teacher .
Kellie DiPalma (she is Lou DiPalma's daughter) Recent Brown graduate who attended the Abbey & St. Phil's. Registered Ind.

Louis DiPalma (Senate-Dem)
June Gibbs (Senate- Rep)

Rep. J. Russell Jackson- Dist. 73, D-Newport (District includes Newport & a piece of Middletown), Rep. Bruce Long- Dist. 74, R- Middletown (part of) & Jamestown (who laughingly lives in Middletown) is running against Deborah Ruggiero (D) from Jamestown.

Amy Rice- Dist. 72 (D) represents a piece of Middletown (almost half) & a piece of Portsmouth (almost half). She has two Republican opponents: Addison W. Closson III (a realtor) and Dan Reilly (the Bryant student whose Dad is one of R.I.'s top 10 non-taxpayers owing close to a million in back taxes to the State).

Newport (non-partisan elections):

Marvin L. Abney- At Large
Herbert B Armstrong- At Large
Mary C Connolly- At Large
Stephen Coyne (changed his mind after previous announcement that he would not run)- At Large
Jeanne Marie Napolitano- At Large
Stephen C Waluk- At Large
Charles Y Duncan- Ward 1
Justin S McLaughlin- Ward 2
James A Dring- Ward 3
Kate Leonard- Ward 3

School Committee:

Rebecca Bolan
Lynn U Ceglie
Jacob Cykert
Hugo DeAscentis
Sandra J Flowers
Jo Eva Gaines
David Hanos, Jr.
Patrick Kelley
Robert Leary
Bobby Oliveira
Tom Phelan
Charles P Shoemaker, Jr.

There are also elections there for Dem. Ward Committee people

**(Correction here)** Freshman Rep. Steven J. Coaty- Dist. 75, R-Newport, will have an opponent in his first re-election campaign. Democrat Thomas Kalinowski, of Newport & Peter F. Martin (Dem.) Go, Tom (a writer here)!

Tiverton (non-partisan):

Town Council:

Joanne Arruda
Donald Bollin
Michael Burk
Hannibal Costa
Alexander J Cote
Mark DeMello
Louise Durfee
Kevin Goulet
Jay Lambert
Randy LeBeau
Cecil Leonard
Christopher Perry
Edward Roderick
Roger Francis Winiarski
Judith Zeramby

School Committee (3 seats):
Richard Bush, III
Danielle Coulter
Denise deMedeiros
Deborah Anna Pallasch
Carol J. Herrmann

Budget Committee:
Robert Coulter
Raymond Joubert
Thomas Parker

Other Offices:
Laura Epke- Treasurer
George S. Alzaibak
Philip A. DiMattia

Budget Committee: Raymond J. Joubert, Thomas A. Parker

Nancy M Mello- Clerk; Probate Judge- Richard P. D’Addario

Rep. John J. Loughlin II, R-Tiverton & Little Compton. No opposition. Lucky guy.

There are also votes there for the Dem. Town Committee.

John G. “Jay” Edwards (D) District 70 representative seat currently held by Republican Joseph N. Amaral, who announced he will not seek re-election. No opposition.

Little Compton:

Lawrence G Anderson- Town Moderator- Democrat
Carol A Wordell- Town Clerk- Republican

Charles N Appleton, Jr. - Town Council- Republican
Fred M Bodington III- Town Council- Republican
Paul J Golembeske- Town Council- Republican
Gary S Mataronas- Town Council- Republican
Wm. McKenzie- Town Council- Democrat (wow, he must be lonely)
Robert Mushe- Town Council- Republican

Mary-Jane Harrington- Town Treasurer And Collector Of Taxes- Democrat

Wm Monahan- Assessor Of Taxes- Republican

Lynn Brousseaulebreux- School Committee- Republican
Cheryl Cady- School Committee- Republican
Micah Shapiro- School Committee- Independent

There are also partisan election for Rep. & Dem. Town Committees.

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