Thursday, June 05, 2008

Changing Times

The times certainly are a-changing. While I am disappointed we won't have a woman presidential candidate, Hillary certainly gave it a good shot and may have even made it mainstream politics.

Who would have ever thought a black man would become a major candidate? I remember some of the old South and am happy that much of it's segregationist attitude is gone- at least, it's not institutionalized. I recall block-busting- look that up in your Funk & Wagnall's (RIP, Dan Rowan). My city high school had one black student & my college wasn't much different.

My husband was recalling MLK's death & the march down Broadway. He & his dad were busy working & noticed it going on. As they stood on the sidewalk watching the predominately black gathering, they spotted my husband's aunt & uncle marching, too. Now, Hannah & Mike Harrington were about as white as Irishmen get. They were marching because they knew what discrimination was all about. They had emigrated from Ireland as kids. Not because they wanted to, but because they wanted to eat and live in their own country without fear of prosecution or discrimination. They knew what hard work with low pay was all about. They knew about hunger and poverty. And they certainly knew about death, injustice, & prosecution.

So again I say, who would have ever thought it possible in our lifetime? And who bloody well cares if he is black, brown, pink, or green? Black, white, men, woman- who cares? When will we ever learn? Perhaps soon. Perhaps now. Exciting times.
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