Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Approaching Election Deadlines!

Want to change your Party affiliation to vote in the Sept. 9 primaries? Now is the time. The deadline is June 11 (TODAY). Go to your local canvassing board.

Thinking of running for office? You must filed declarations of candidacy between June 23 and 25. Go again to your local board of canvassers.

The Sec. of St. online guide is here.

Thanks to Projo's reporter Katherine Gregg who did all the work for me.

Thinking of running for a local election? If you e-mail me, I'll try & point you in the right direction. I really don't care your Party affiliation. Choice in elections is a good thing!

Thinking of running in Middletown & like some help? Put Middletown First! There are those willing to help you out. Again contact me. And again, not interested in Party affiliation. Like to get involved in helping some good people win? Again, e-mail me. Private communications will stay that way.

We want good people to get involved in the political system. We want discussion, we want fairness & equity, we want our taxes kept as low as possibile, we want accountability. And we have extensive campaign know-how (been there, done that). So outside of a little time, what have you got to lose? Want good government- now is the time to get it. Be part of the solution.

Don't agree with some of my tirades? Good for you! "If government is not good perhaps it is because the "good" refuse to participate and so we get the government that we deserve."-Mark Twain. All opinions are tolerated. So Contact me. For crying out loud, what have you got to fear from an old, retired schoolteacher anyway? I promise not to tell your parents!
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