Thursday, May 08, 2008

Windfarm Concerns Go to Governor

Projo is reporting that the Guv's chief energy adviser, Andrew Dzycewicz, is scheduled to meet with Rhode Island Alliance for Clean Energy, to listen to their concerns about proposed wind farms off the shore of Rhode Island (e.g., Middletown, Newport, Little Compton, et al).

Seems he took offense at the assertion that campaign donations by a wind farm developer may have influenced his support. Perish the thought!

"People have different opinions," Carcieri said. "What I find offensive, frankly, is to say that a few contributions - I don't even know who these people are; when you're running a campaign, lots of people contribute - the notion that I am somehow influenced by contributions is absurd. I believe this is something we need to do, or see if we can do."

The governor said that there are six or seven wind farm developers who have expressed interest in submitting a proposal for an offshore wind farm. The deadline for submissions is May 16.

This guy is really thin-skinned. He's already made up his mind on the project, so the spin is to attack. I guess they didn't make the proper obeisance as did the religious leaders who recently met with him regarding immigration concerns. Of course, the latter confab accomplished little anyway. They just all made nice with each other.

Thanks to Projo reporter Tim Barmann.
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