Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Middletown's Little Secret

I was ill last night & so rec'd blow-by-blow descriptions from several readers. I believe that I've kept the basic flavor, so here goes...

What a fiasco at the Middletown Town Council Meeting last night!

Of course everyone’s tired of the Gerry Kempen mess, but the prez shut down the conversation once and for all with his out-of-control rant as if losing one’s temper could deflect what even he clearly knows is the "flying fickle finger of fate" (e.g., "the digit") pointing at him.

Mrs. Mello said that Gerry “threatened to sue?” Although Gerry denied this in Projo, it certainly makes one wonder why he might have grounds to sue??? Or did someone just tell you that he was threatening to sue? What else did “someone say” to get the separation agreement approved?
also seems to have had some fun with this.

"Newport Daily News" reporter Matt SheleyWhat makes Mr. Rodrigues think that Gerry’s comments about interference were aimed at him? Is it because there is truth in Gerry’s claim interference and you know that it was you?

I have to ask, who else would it be? Santos, Barrow, and Mello do not seem to be the bullying types. Sylvia, DiPalma, and Silveira have been trying to get at the truth for months. But anyone who would lose his self-control like you did at the council meeting is surely a bully defending what he knows to be a lie- the best defense is a good offense.

As for your motion to trade Gerry’s right to speak the truth for the return of his severance package, your strategy is to be commended. His silence was bought when he left by just giving him what he deserved. Now his silence is bought by suggesting that, if the truth is so important, he should give up what he had a right to have in the first place.

Anyone with a brain knows that Gerry agreed to go quietly so that he would receive the full benefits of his contract. The town owed him that. The mess that you were sure would come out if you didn’t honor his contract, was simply avoided (at least for awhile).

Everyone in town knows that this was and continues to be a major cover-up. It may be time to move on, but many of you will always be dragging this behind you. As Councilor Sylvia has stated by calling it to "hush money," thy name is "secret agreement."

The "Newport Daily News" reporter Matt Sheley, also seems to have had some fun with this meeting while referring to a rather "raucous" audience. LOL! He brings up the point that the town solicitor was not familiar with Councilor Sylvia's motion to "rescind." Hmm, someone buy that group a copy of 'Robert's Rules of Order." If you're going to play, you need to know the rules. What Sylvia could NOT do was make make a motion to "reconsider"- too late for that. What he was trying to do was motion to "rescind"- a horse of a different color. And I'm betting that he'll do it again, and again, and .... But you don't have to take my word for it.
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