Monday, May 19, 2008

Kempen Tries to Speak

Jim Gillis writes in the "Daily News" column "Spare Change" on former Middletown Town Admin. Kempen's departure via a secret agreement & charges of "interference." Jim's column is always entertaining with this issue (Kempen wanting to make it all public) addressed in the beginning.

Talk about bad Council PR- this whole thing could easily have been deflated at the very beginning with no secret agreement & allowing Mr. Kempen to say anything that he wanted to in public. At that point it would probably have played out: he says, she says... A non-issue. Poor political decisions then forced this entire brouhaha into the realm of rumor and innuendo while rendering the Council to the level of the latest reality show melodramatic episode. Now past the point of no-return, this whole thing will play out slowly & painfully in the weeks to come. Certainly the old political saying of, "sunshine is the best disinfectant" was ignored. Lancing the infection now is going to prove painful with potential scarring.

So fast your seat belts- we're in for a bumpy ride!
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