Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Gambling Veto Doublespeak

**Update** The veto was overridden- no suprise there. The Guv said he vetoed because Newport & Lincoln had a right to determine their own operational hours. He didn't think much of towns/cities thought when he expanded gambling a few years ago or when he cut their aid this year. You can't have it both ways- at least logically or ethically. In the state's current fiscal crisis, it was rather easy for the guv to veto knowing it wouldn't really hold & the monies would be added anyway. Doublespeak.

The Guv vetoed the bill to expand gambling hours in Newport & Lincoln. The real surprise is how our Sen. Gibbs brought herself firmly for & against this expansion. It's really quite amazing. Instead of just not being able to make up her mind or her vote "not counting" June came down firmly on both sides of this issue in the Lege.

She voted FOR the amendment awarding more $ to both Newport & Lincoln regarding increased revenue from extra hours going to both cities. She then voted NO on the bill itself to increase the hours. Amazing how you can be both for & against something at the same time. Hat's off. Much like the Guv who presided over the largest expansion gambling in the State all the while stating that he was against gambling. Talk about speaking out of both sides of your mouth....
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