Saturday, April 12, 2008

Senior Center Funding

There was an interesting Projo letter Fri. Nt. It was from the Portsmouth Multi Purpose Sr. Ctr. Director, Cynthia Koniecki. In it she is complaining about the loss of grant funding through the Dept. of Elderly Affairs. She mentions a membership of more than 1000.

Now Portsmouth like Newport & many other areas operates its center as a private non-profit (501(c)3) organization. This means it operates off of state grants & local community funding. 60% of its budget is raised in-house through fundarisers, etc. Middletown does not do this. According to our Charter it is operated & budgeted like any other town dept.

Last year Middletown's Senior Center rec'd appx. $200,000 in local funding, the highest in our area. What is the membership? I'm going to hazard a guess from various materials I've seen at a generous 250. That means the town is spending appx. $800/per member. Members pay extra for meals and many activities.
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