Monday, April 28, 2008

House Dist. 73 Loses One Candidate

Rep. Amy Rice (D- Midd/Portsmouth) had two Republican opponents the other day- two Portsmouth residents. Addison W. Closson III (a realtor) and Dan Reilly (the Bryant student whose Dad is one of R.I.'s top 10 non-taxpayers owing close to a million in back taxes to the State) were slated for a Primary run when the former dropped out according to a story in today's "Newport Daily News." Sorry no link. Closson "notified the Board of Canvassers that he would not run."
She must be heartbroken. Thanks to Amy the bridge between Tiverton and Portsmouth will now be named after a WOMAN. It's to be the Anne Hutchinson Sakonnet Bridge. Gee, no early Italian explorers that the Smith Hillers wanted?
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