Thursday, April 17, 2008

"The Freeze"

I blogged back on the first about "The Freeze" reopening. "Newport This Week" has an article on almost everything you ever wanted to know about Frosty Freez (previously Tasty Freez- when did the name change?).
This year customers can enjoy ice cream in a new way with homemade cakes and pies, "like a mud pie just like the Chart House used to make," Mrs. Pachico said. "I'm tweaking the recipes right now but they'll be available within the next month, by May 1st."

Can't wait! The Pachico family are the third owners for the store built in the 50's. She is looking for stories on its history, so feel free to post!

I moved here in 1972 & have fond memories of it. There wasn't much else located around there. My Uncle & Dad's company (tool & die), along with the Carlton Motel (now the Bay Willows), & the bait shop were it. I remember when they began serving tacos for awhile. They were the only Mexican food in the town & the only other Mex restaurant was in Newport.

It's a great story & long overdue on a local fav. The Freeze is 496 East Main Rd. across from Valley Rd.

Thanks to reporter Corinna Halloran.
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