Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Fame! I'm Gonna Live Forever!"

"Baby, remember my name." Ah, sweet memories. I loved that show.

So check out Newport This Week and see what I'm talking about. It must have been a slow week as they did an article on me. Where they ever got my grandmother's pic, is beyond me.

I like this little weekly. The writing is well-done, ads are CHEAP, & it's packed full of info that forces you to keep it hanging around. There are other papers besides the Newport one that I check regularly like the Sakonnet Times. East Bay Newspapers publishes 8 weeklies. They are everywhere & cost zilch. Can't beat that. They planning to expand & revamp their web site to make it more interactive & useful. I look forward to it. Will my pic stay?

I had a delightful interviewer and he didn't make one error! Tom Shevlin of RI Reports is the reporter. It's always somewhat of a surprise when I am mentioned in a news article & don't come out sounding like a complete idiot. Tom USED TO BE a Republican. Now he's an independent. That means he's had it with Republicans but not yet willing to go all the way & become a Democrat. LOL!
He had some interesting, unexpected questions. Like what do I think is the future of newspapers, blogs, the Internet, etc. I am a lousy predictor. Hey, I ran for election & actually thought that I would win- TWICE! I do think that you will start to see even more of a merging of newspapers, websites, blogs, & interactivity. Tom thinks daily newspapers are on their way out. I'm not so sure. People still like to have that paper in their hands. The demise of print, books, libraries, etc. was predicted not that long ago. In fact, quite the opposite seems to have resulted.
I'd be remiss if I also did not mention that I am most appreciative for the articles of my other two writers- Newport's Sandra Flowers & Tom Kalinowski who help me look good.

PS. I am MUCH BETTER LOOKING in person. Photos add, hmm, about 50 lbs. & 30 yrs. to me. Go figure.
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