Monday, March 24, 2008

R.I. Democratic Delegates

Rhode Island will be sending a total of 33 delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO from August 25-28. The following is a delegation breakdown.
Elected District-Level Delegates in the March 4th election (13 total):
Clinton (8 elected delegates): Myrth York, Joe Paolino, Jr., Jennifer Paolino, Richard Licht, David A. Caprio, L. Susan Weiner, Mark S. Weiner, and Patricia Flanagan
Alternates: Deborah L. Ruggiero (Jamestown) and Rep. Charlene Lima
Obama (5 elected delegates): Kimberly Ahern, John Lynch, Charlie Fogarty, Jill Harrington, and James O'Neil
Alternate: Walter Stone
Unpledged PLEO Delegates (11 total):Mayor David Cicilline, Vice Chair Grace Diaz, AG Patrick Lynch, Chairman William J. Lynch, Nat'l Committeewoman Edna O'Neill Mattson, Nat'l Committeeman Frank Montanaro, Mr. Mark Weiner, U.S. Sen. Jack Reed, U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Congressman Patrick Kennedy, and Congressman Jim Langevin
Pledged PLEO Delegates (3 total):There will be three pledged PLEO delegates to be selected at the State Committee meeting on June 19 (two for Clinton and one for Obama).
Unpledged Add-On Delegate (1 total):There will be one unpledged Add-On delegates to be selected at the State Committee meeting on June 19.
At-Large Delegates (5 total):Additionally, there will be another 5 At-Large Delegates to be selected at the State Committee meeting (three for Clinton and two for Obama).
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