Saturday, March 08, 2008

Rep. Rice's Opponent- Maybe?

The "Newport Daily News" ran a story on a young man, who may run against Rep. Rice this Fall (no-go for John Robitaille). No, he hasn't filed any required political organization papers yet, nor is he even officially announcing: "He expects to make a formal announcement in a few weeks." Still it's a fairly sizeable non-story story. Yup, the local paper certainly loves Amy.

The 18 yr. old who attends Bryant, hasn't actually lived in R.I. since he was 10. Nor does his family, living now in Boca Raton, own any property in the District. One wonders if he actually resides here now or is it a la Rep. Long? It's a LONG trek to Bryant every day, although my husband did it.

He states that he will not accept any lege grants for the District. Members of the Aquid. Land Trust ($5000), Friends of Glen Manor ($5000), Norman Bird Sanctuary ($2500), and the Potter League ($2500) who have recently rec'd grants will be delighted to hear that news.

He also offers that he will not accept legislative pay (slightly over $13,000) nor any health insurance. Hmm, the latter could be because he's still covered under his parents' policy. Oh, his parents, that's right. He may want to reconsider that no-pay part. He could donate it to charity, or... I know! It might help to make a dent, although, it would take awhile, in the over a million dollars that his parents owe in R.I income tax. They are the #1 R.I. deliquent taxpayers.

Since this young man will also represent me (does he know where Middletown is?), I do have a few concerns. Like, maybe, he could actually live here awhile before supposing that he's ready to represent 10,000 people. Perhaps he could actually pay US for some life experience. Say, a million bucks? Or maybe he could donate his Bryant tuition?

Amy is far more generous than myself stating, "" Welcome to the race Daniel, to the voter rolls, and back to Aquidneck Island Island. " She forgot a welcome to the tax rolls, also. Uh-oh, I suppose the car (?) is registered in Fla.?? No phone in his name either, just his Dad's. Perhaps another generation of R.I. delinquent-taxpayers?

Nice try, kid. Wile I appreciate your enthusiasm, perhaps you could start off by volunteering for some community service and familiarize yourself with the area, its people, concerns, etc. The money from all the businesses your parents own is a big plus, though. To quote Leona Helmsley,"We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes ." It could serve as your campaign motto.
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