Thursday, March 27, 2008

District's Community Funding & Payrolls

Projo's Meaghan Wims has a must-read article today. She's got payroll numbers, employee data, population & income figures. 70% of Middletown school funding is local- more than I thought. Whatever happened to the State's promise years ago for picking up 60% of costs in exchange for our givingthem more of our tax $ & giving up some ability to tax. 80% of that is for salaries/benefits. To be expected, I think, since schools consist primarily of instructors and are a service-oriented expenditure.

There are 314 part-timers on the municipal side with 150 full time personnel. The summertime adds another 323 part-timers earning less than $11,000/ea. to the payroll. "The highest-paid seasonal workers, Harbormaster Stephen Ponte, also principal of Forest Avenue Elementary School, and beach manager Morrie Seiple, made $13,170 and $21,500, respectively, in 2006." The Harbormaster's position is new. It used to be a function of the police dept.

"On the municipal side, the bulk of the town’s payroll — 19 percent — goes to the town’s police officers and firefighters."

The average full-time salary is $58,492, states Sean Brown but I am unclear as to where/what population number he bases this on. The median household income (the number right in the middle with an equal number of incomes above & below) is $59,758. The average full-time salary for a town employee (one person) is $62,759 & $53,136 for school personnel. Remember, all these monies are not strictly from local taxation. State funds, grants, fees, etc. also figure into total available funding.

East Bay communities offering a lower FTE non-school salary than the town's median income are: Tiverton, Portsmouth, Little Compton, Bristol, and Barrington (with a median household income of almost $90,000). Newport's median income is the second lowest at $47,583 with the highest FTE of $61,910. Uh-oh. "The median household income offers a possible measure of the citizens’ ability to pay their municipal workers."

Communities offering a lower FTE school salary are all except Newport & Barrington.

Check it out.
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