Monday, February 18, 2008

High Schoolers For Obama

St. George's students have organized under the leadership of Senior Alex Merchant- SG for OBama. There are more than 50 in the group & Alex was recently made the h.s. coordinator for the Statewide campaign.

"In addition to weekly meetings, the group has traveled to New Hampshire and Massachusetts to campaign for the Illinois senator and held a phone-banking event during which they called voters in Connecticut."

The top issue on student minds is the Iraq war & the fact that Obama has always been opposed to it. "... students talked about health care, the economy and special interests as issues on which they most agree with the 46-year-old senator. They don’t, however, agree with those who believe Obama’s lack of experience — he’s been a U.S. senator since 2004 — will doom his candidacy."

The students consider it more of a pro-Obama movement than anti-Clinton. "...most members of the group said if Obama loses to Hillary Rodham Clinton in the Democratic presidential primary, they would vote for her in the general election."

His message of "hope" touches them along with the optimistic attitude. It's nice to see young people getting involved. I saw this also in the Whitehouse campaign. Motivating voters is the key to good government on all levels. It could also prove the key to a sucessful campaign. It certainly was with Whitehouse.

Thanks to special "Daily News" reporter Ian Holliday.
P.S. Howard Dean attended this h.s.
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