Friday, January 04, 2008

T. Admin.'s Leaving Still on the Agenda.

The issue of Kempen's (former Town Admin.) leaving will not go away. Councilmen Silveira & Sylvia were recently allowed to view the separation agreement. However, no note-taking or copies were allowed. Hmm, how about pics?
Silveira is planning on asking the Council to allow Kempen to appear before them & answer questions which he previously indicated that he was willing to do (meeting this Mon.). DiPalma would like the separation agreement made public.
This issue will not go away and just winds it's way through the rumor mill. My advice is to open up the whole issue & expose it to the light of day. Let Kempen speak, release the document, allow Roderigues to speak. Allow questions, at the very least, from the Council.
Otherwise, fester, fester, fester. With citizen Antone Viveiros filing a complaint with the Attorney General's office, this issue is NOT going away soon. Do not expect a quick resolution from the A.G's office either.
Do it NOW & bite the bullet. Time will not make it any easier or better.
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