Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rep. Kennedy Concerned with Lost Federal Funding in State Budget

**Update: The Jan. 23 requested response date is history. So where is the response on the amount of federal funding our State will be throwing away? It is our money, after all. Funny, I never saw Projo or any other newspaper cover this.

On Dec. 17 Rep. Patrick Kennedy (our Rep) forwarded a letter to Governor Carcieri. Odd that the Guv has not yet released it. In it Kennedy expresses that one of the "most rewarding parts of his job" has been securing federal funding....for so many projects and programs that directly effect the quality offor our constituents." He has worked "diligently... to secure signifiant Federal funds to support quality public health, safety, education, transportation, and human service programs..."
He then continues:

It has recently come to my attention, that the state's current budget deficit and proposed budget cuts may force Rhode Island to forfeit important federal funding directed at services, programs, and staffing. As such I respectfully request a report that outlines all Federal funds the state is unable to match, or is otherwise unable to utilize, under the current enacted state budget.

I am commited to working in partnership with you to serve the best interests of the people of Rhode Island. I look forward to a response by January 23, 2008. Please contact my office if you have any questions or suggestions on the best way to move forward on this matter.

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