Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Middletown Trash Program & Recyclables

The trash program isn't doing quite as well as we were previously led to believe. I was doubtful of the proclaimed 95% participation rate. It's actually appx. 65% (and this is still an estimate) with the town recycling appx. 45% of its trash. A minimum particpation rate of 95% is needed to keep the cost neutral for the town. This means oncoming probable cost expenditures for this trash removal system which you may or may not use. While I'm happy that some like it, I know of some who are having problems due to bag cost. No consideration was made for those who just can't afford the bags, let alone larger material's removal. I object to the whole system. The town should pay for trash removal.
Recycling is good. But the Johnston Landfill is going to soon be filled no matter how much recycling we do. Energy conversion of trash needs to be on the agenda. Yet we are doing little in this regard. Right now the Resource & Recovery Corp. is enjoying the $ it makes from recycling while giving little thought to the long haul. The buck stops with the Guv who isn't paying a whole lot of attention to this oncoming disaster either besides raising tipping fees.

The day after I wrote this I see in Projo that the Guv is going to audit the R & R Corp. for expenditures. Why didn't this pop up in the Big Audit? I also see a bill introduced to again raise tipping fees. The State is making plenty of $ off of selling recyclables. What are you doing with this besides buying more dumping land? We need to eliminate our trash, not just find new places to dump it. When was the last time they came here with their truck to pick up computers, etc.?

Gee, isn't it odd that only those in favor of the program showed up at the last Council meeting? Reminds me of the song about a spoonful of sugar helping the medicine go down.
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