Thursday, January 10, 2008

District 1 Delegate Candidates

*Update. More names added.
You can check for daily updates for those receiving the necessary 150 valid signatures. You need 150 from the 1st Congressional District to qualify to appear on the March Primary ballot. Since addresses are not currently listed for the delegates, I'm just relying on name recognition for locals who are running or people of interest in our District:

Steven Coaty, Newport (McCain)
Suzi Nance, Middletown (McCain)
Sen. Gibbs, Middletown (McCain)
former Middletown District Rep. Christine Callahan (McCain)
Edith Lorillard Cowley, Newporter (Obama)
J.William Middendorf II, Little C. (uncommitted Republican)
James E. O'Neil - former Attorney Gen'l & fed'l prosecutor, N. Kingston (Obama)
Myrth York (Clinton)
Bobby Oliveira, Newport (Clinton)
Steve Waluk, Newport (Huckabee)

Click here to follow their progress.

Thanks to Chris F. at R.I. Future for the heads' up.
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