Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Coaty Wins Newport House 75 Election

Totals: Cicilline 511.

Coaty 869.

Appx. 20% turnout.

Congratulations to the winner. Thank you to the opponents. You make the system work & give voters choice.

Newport certainly has changed. The weather stopped older voters from coming out. Evidently the Rep. St. Party also spent big right before the election. The theme was Dems will mean higher taxes.
What does this show? Newport has lost most of its middle class. Most people don't care about the lege. A testy Primary was not a good thing.
What does this mean? Newport will have no voice in the Lege this coming year.
I call the results shocking.
Remember, this district covers most of Newport but not all. Most of the public housing & smaller Newport homes & rental areas are NOT in this district - that would be Jackson's & Rice's Representative areas.
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