Monday, December 03, 2007

Wind Farms, Pt.3: Follow the Money

This is the final article in a series from Newport's Anthony Spiratos:

Also another thing ... is the money trail. I find it very interesting that both sides of the aisle ever since 2002 have been receiving financial contributions to their political campaigns from executives of Cape Wind! Jim Gordon, the CEO of Cape Wind, himself personally donated to Carcieri's campaign in 2002 and 2006 and also to the Democratic State Central Committee. More interesting is the fact that he did this in some cases under another company which he owns called Tiverton Power in Tiverton, which is a massive power plant! If you go down the same road the Tiverton Police station is and go past the public works and take your first right and go up the dead end road there it is, hidden in the woods of Tiverton. Gordon has since tried and failed to build a fossil fuel plant with his other company Energy Management Inc. in Chelsea, Mass. I'm interested to find out if there is also a political contribution money trail leading back to that New York based wind farm company as well.
Now onto another a topic but still directly related to this discussion, the CRMC... Aren't they suppose to be protecting the ocean and the shoreline? I mean you can't plant a rose garden close to the shore without them knowing about it, coming down and fining you. Yet they will redraw and rezone the water ways to allow for its utter complete destruction of our ecosystem and economy?

Right now most of the media outlets are supporting the Governor's project but once they see the public outcry they will come around.

Anthony Spiratos
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