Friday, December 21, 2007

Virtual Blackjack Gets the Okay in Lincoln

Attorney General Lynch "has ruled out the need for legislative or voter approval for the latest addition to the gambling menu at the Lincoln greyhound racetrack: 'virtual blackjack.'”

"The first of the electronic games in which five players sit at a table signaling their moves to a simulated — and in promotional photographs, blond and buxom — 'dealer' on a video screen went in early this week at Twin River, generating nearly double the average daily income from one of the video slots: nearly $600 per seat per day. By the end of the day yesterday, another five were expected to go online. Another dozen are on their way."

Can Newport be far behind? BTW this "games" features a buxom, Bavarian, blonde as dealer. No blonde, rugged, Bavarian men in those cute little leather shorts. What's up with that? Nice that this also cuts the need for an actual dealer. You'd have to pay them - buxom or not.

I'd blog more on this topic but it's for another day. Busy. Comment away!

BTW, 24 hr. gambling no longer high on the agenda- at least for Lincoln. And it was Carcieri's "okay" to casino operators that got this whole "virtual" crap, oops, I mean gaming going. Good thing that he's opposed to gambling expansion, isn't it? But it does rake in the bucks.

Thanks to Projo Katherine Gregg for the info.
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