Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tiverton Teachers Picketing

Yes, they will be picketing the hospital where the School Committee Chair works as a nurse (not sure if she belongs to a Union or not). Boo hoo. I mean, really, what do you expect when there is a job action? I've got to admire anyone who would purposely be outside in this weather. Both sides will take whatever action they deem necessary. Wouldn't you?

I've said it before, these things are nasty & take years to recover from, if ever. Whenever you adopt the attitude that we are management (the boss), and you are the workers (do what you're told), you get this reaction. So much for shared-decision making. As my fellow teacher, Eileen Brown, used to say: "Shared decision making - they make the decision & share it with us."

It could be different, but rarely is. Again, I place much of the blame on the State Lege. Think it's not coming to your community? Hah!

Thanks to the Daily News & reporter Marcia Pobzeznik. They now keep articles up for a few days. Progress.
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