Friday, December 07, 2007

Newport House Election Down to Two Candidates- Kinda

James Stanek, Independent candidate for the House 25 election Dec. 18, is out of the race (unofficially, I think). WADK this AM was reporting that during a Cox/Newport Daily News forum he pulled himself out for personal reasons.
Here is the Projo link. Stanek threw his support to candidate Steven Coaty (Republican). Stanek also refers to the Guv as his "knight in shining armour." One wonders why he didn't state and run as a Republican in the first place. Why hide? "I am a Republican at heart," he stated. We have more than a few Dems in this thinking mode, I think.
If Newport elected a Republican replacement for Rep. Crowley, I believe that the ocean would open up & swallow it. Still, I believe that choice is a good thing. Candidate & Dem. Bud Cicilline is my bet. Of course, not in a R.I. casino.
I do not believe there is time to change the ballots by "officially" withdrawing." There is an actual deadline for this with the Sec. of St. & it has long passed. Please let me know if I am wrong. It would seem that declaring himself a non-candidate at this late date is purely academic & won't matter a whit. Mail ballots must already be out there.

Thanks to WADK News in the a.m. & Projo reporter Richart Salit for the info. The Daily News also has an article here.
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