Saturday, December 15, 2007

"Newport Daily News" Never Met a Republican it Didn't Like

The editorial on the House endorsement reveals it all for everyone to see. Notwithstanding various individual reporters, the editorial staff (which includes the owner) dictates attitude, headlines, endorsements, & editorials. If you want to further explore this, follow the money- look at the paper's ownership.

Much of the article reads like an apology for the endorsement of Middletown Republican lawyer Coates over Newporter Bud Cicilline. The headline itself is telling, "Coaty offers a new choice for Newport." It's not about "new choice." I offered a new choice when I ran as did Amy Rice. Nope, no endorsements.

Despite the fact which the News points out, that Cicilline is clearly the most qualified (and they list his many attributes), this is "the problem." Say what? They then proceed to tie Bud in corruption, "free-spending ways," and having "sullied the state's reputation." Nice. He'd be a "cog in the wheel." Right out of Rove' playbook. Use scare tactics & make a connection where there is none.

Then more Republican line rhetoric of "overly generous benefits," and "unfair burden on the taxpayers." Ironic that there is also a local article by Jim Gillis entitled, "Agencies struggle to meet needs of area families." While I know that you edited it, did you, like, read it? Let's not mess this rant up with any, say, um, like FACTS. Coaty is going to change all this then- single-handed, I might add. What a guy.

Boil it down to- we want a much greater Republican presence in the lege. And this election will do it. Forget everything else, just vote Republican. No Republican has ever been accused of corruption. Nope. They are definitely known in the House for being the can-do group. Yup.
If we'd followed them last Nov. in their endorsements, we'd be in even worse shape than now- certainly with a still Rep. controlled Congress.

Talk about no concern for the community or its readership. And the voters will do what they usually do- make up their own minds regardless of Party affiliation & vote for the candidate they feel represents their best interests & know best. Will that make any difference to you at all? Nope, not a bit.

So vote for Cicilline & good government. Vote for someone who can & will effectively stand-up for his district. Vote for someone who knows the ropes, can get lege support, & knows the community. Or you could just vote for him because he's a Democrat & actually get legislation passed. Um, that's kind of like the point of being a Representative. Otherwise, you're like NOT one of the cogs and just a pimple on the arm- ineffective & pointless. Apply one band-aid & forget. Something that Newport does not need- ever.

At one point the News accused me of being "partisan." I took it to be a good thing, however I doubt if they did. Partisan. Yeah. Right. Keep registering yourselves as "Unaffiliated." The rest of us are too stupid to figure it out. I expected better, but certainly wasn't surprised.
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