Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Carcieri & Grinch Have a Lot in Common

Kinda goes along with the previous post.

"Carcieri is spreading holiday jeer"

This is Joe Baker's weekly column poem from"IMPOLITICLY CORRECT" from the "Newport Daily News.

’Twas two weeks before Christmas And all through the state

Everyone was real nervous About the state’s fate.

“The budget’s a mess,” cried Gov. Carcieri.“I know where to cut so you better be leery.

“Interpreters? You’re kidding. Get on the phone. Get an uncle or cousin Or you’re on your own.

“And how ’bout state workers? They think they’re secure. Well, they better think twice Or they’re out the door.”

“It’s Christmas, I know,But what can I say? The pain must be spread. But not all the way.

“My poor, poor directors are having it tough. Living on 100 grand Is surprisingly tough.

“I know we’ll pay later in more than one way. ’Cause jails and hospitals For that we’ll all pay.”

And I heard him exclaim,“Don’t worry if we don’t, Because the churches will cover All those that we won’t.”

If this were a dream It’d almost be funny. So Merry Christmas to all. Well, at least those with money.

Joe Baker is a Daily News staff writer. Send him e-mail atBaker@NewportRI.com.

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