Saturday, November 03, 2007

Step It Up - Aquidneck Island

Info forwarded to me:

We'll bypass the library gathering and the walk, and invite you all to come instead directly to the Martin Luther King Center, 20 Dr. Marcus F. Wheatland Blvd., Newport (for us old-timers, that's West Broadway) for the indoor portion of our program. Exhibits will be open, and hot chocolate will be available starting at 12 noon, and we aim to start the speaking and music program at 12:30. (For those who don't have a chance to check their email until after the event, Peter Fagan will be at the Library entrance until about 12:20 to redirect the stalwarts who'd still planned to walk.)

We'll take our group photo at the beginning of the program, after we're seated, so if you've made posters for the walk, we'll get them all into the photo. We also have several that were made at our poster making workshop. This photo is very important, because it's going to Step It Up to be included in the presentation to Congress on Monday, so please plan to be in it.

All our speakers and exhibitors are still planning to come, so we hope you will, too! And if you'd planned to go to Providence Step It Up, it's been postponed until Sunday, 12 to 3 PM at Roger Williams Zoo. So now you can go to both events!

If you have questions, feel free to respond to this email, or call me at 847-7637.

See you tomorrow!
Beth (and Kelly and Susan)

PS: The Martin Luther King Center is the next building up from the Old Friends Meeting House, near the corner of Marlborough St. and Dr. Marcus F. Wheatland Blvd. Use the Edward St. entrance, across the street from the center's parking lot

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