Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Affordable Housing in Little Compton & Portsmouth

The Church Community Corp. recently rec'd a grant of $3.1 mil from HUD which will go to building 20 affordable units for seniors in the former Country Harvest Restaurant on East Main Rd. The grant will also help lower costs for those living there.
Little Compton now has TWO (!!) affordable units (the State requires 10%).
"It will also help lower the rent so that residents will pay only 30 percent of their adjusted incomes and will support meal programs and social activities." Now the planned project is off to the Planning Board which could take awhile. To qualify seniors must be "very low income" according to established guidelines.

Thanks to reporter Kim Centazzo of the East Bay Newspapers.

Too bad Portsmouth in it's eagerness to please developer J.Brian O'Neill didn't have a requirements for a % of affordable units in his project for the uber-wealthy. When did developers becomes our heroes (see the Sunday Projo)? Portsmouth relies on Newport & Middletown to provide this housing & doesn't come close to the 10% "requirement" mandated by the State. Heaven forbid that any of this new luxury housing should actually have families that live there fulltime with kids utilizing the public schools.

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