Monday, October 15, 2007

Cicilline Wins Democratic House Endorsement

The district committee gave Bud the endorsement. The committee of 4 brings the official Democratic endorsement to him and not Dave Carlin III. This is House District 75 (known as the Fifth ward area plus). The State Rep Committee is listed nowhere - not even on the Dems website. I'll give it a try - Chris Hayes, Claire Dias, Diana Crowley (former Rep. Paul's Crowley's wife), and Former Rep. James Mahoney. Thanks to WADK for reporting it this a.m.

What does this mean? It's hard to say, but it sure doesn't hurt. There will still be a Democratic Primary (Nov. 13). Whoever wins the Primary, is pretty much a sure bet for the election (Dec. 18). Getting out the vote is the "secret" here. Pity the poll workers, although you never know, the weather could be fair.

These House & Senate committees are elected every two years during elections. To apply one merely fills out a forms at the same time candidates are filing. That's the easy part. You then have to obtain signatures from Party members living in the district - 50 for House & 100 for Senate (the same number as candidates do, but these have to be registered Dems.). There then is an actual election, but I have simplified a bit.
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