Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sen. Gibb's Plan to Save the State

Senator Gibbs advocates on the "Daily News" Letter' page(no link) for low-speed electric, hybrid cars.
Woo-hoo! In her Aug. 18 letter, our District 12’s Senator Gibbs has solved the problem of high “fuel costs, ...and reduced pollution”, along with lowering our “dependency on foreign oil.” “The overall cost of electricity” would also be” reduced maximizing the output of our electrical grid. “ Automakers will flock here. And the only thing that we have to do, our first step, is to try once again to convince the Legislature to approve low-speed electric vehicles on our streets.
Of course, the vehicles are still in the development stage, but let’s plow on ahead. The fact that these vehicles are limited to 25 mph. is no problem. We’ll paint large “X’s” all over them –green, of course, so that everyone, including police, will recognize that these are “special” low-speed vehicles. Absolutely no one will mind traveling slower on streets when these cars are ahead of them.
Those coal miners need to quit their bellyaching and get back to work. We’ll need coal to fuel those power plants. And quit your whining about that acid rain. It helps keep your car squeaky clean
And you’re completely on target with saying goodbye to foreign oil expenses. We can use up our own natural resources instead. You really don't want to travel off the island, right? Good thing, because you won't be able to.
Brownouts/blackouts/power failures? Forgetabout it. We've only had a few this year.
This is also a clever idea to employ local electricians to supply us with the needed hookups. And I, too, share your faith that this “would actually reduce the overall cost of electricity.” Of course, since we’re using more of it, you may see a tad spike in your bill, but, it will be costing you less by the kilowatt hour.
Yes, the state should definitely guarantee any electric car manufacturer bringing this technology to New England that our state coffers “will purchase a certain number of vehicles” for its own use. We can use them here for the, um, State Police. The cost of these vehicles? Totally irrelevant. Yes, you can remain confident, Senator, that we “would purchase these cars.” I’m sure the dealers here would gladly offer special deals on purchases of under 25 mph vehicles when purchased with speedier cars.
On the same day that your letter appeared, a fish wholesaler considered leaving thereby probably eliminating any fishing fleet we still have, Father Jack empathized with the local homeless, and Atlantic and First Beaches were actually open (ignore Kings’ Park Beach & Third). But placing this high on your legislative agenda certainly brings us all back to reality of what the really important things are in our State.
Hmm, on second thought, perhaps this needs a little bit more work. But rest assured that it’s working great on Prudence Island where your legislation is in effect.

Her letter has so many holes in it that I don't even know where to begin. You'd be far better off in reading Tom Sgouras' report done for the Sierra Club, "Transportation Services in R.I." In fact, why don't you just subsribe to his "R.I. Policy Reporter?" Cheap & informative. What more could you ask for?

No, her plan isn't mentioned and I'm definitely not against fuel efficiency. But I'm also not going to bank on a plan that relies on the electric grid. I would be amenable to a better public transportation system, clean beaches (hello), healthcare coverage for all, etc., etc.
I also notice that the good Senator has two vehicles on her tax bill. Hey, since she lives alone maybe one would do? Or maybe she could just rely on her windsurfer.
Sometimes this is just too easy.
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