Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rep Long Concerned About Nuts!

Rep. Bruce Long has an opinion piece in today's Journal on - nuts! No, I don't make these things up. It's all too apropros. I'll not delve into the topic other than to paint the broad strokes. Legislation passed last year prohibits nut products in school cafeterias (elem. & middle) if any students have allergies to them. School cafeterias (according to their article) must also provide a nut-free table along with a table for students eating nut products . He along with Rep. Joe Amaral (represents some of P'mouth & Tiverton - he's the principal of the P'mouth Middle School).

Sorry, the choice of topic, rather than the content, struck my funny bone. And the fact that Rep. Amaral wants his name assosciated with Rep. Long.
Alternative titles; Long: Ah, nuts! Long Loco Over Nuts! Long Anti-Nuts, More??
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