Thursday, July 12, 2007

Government Underfoot

The best part about running for office, just like blogging, is all the interesting people that you meet. I met Tom when I spotted his blog one day, "Newport 9." Then when I went to the first of Whitehouse's pasta dinners, I spotted him with a large button with his blog's name. Hey, are you??? We ran into each other many times after that. And as you can tell, that's where the idea for my blog's name came from.
His blog is now gone (sigh!), but you can't keep a good man done (at least not for long). So here is Tom's first post of many. I have a life so I don't edit.

I'd like to begin this inaugural post at RI12 by thanking Eileen for inviting me over here. For reasons that seemed good to me, I discontinued my original blog, Newport 9, but Eileen felt that I should still have a place on the internets, and she has graciously offered me space on her own blog to share whatever thoughts happen to lodge themselves within my echoing cranium, and I have graciously accepted.

The topic of today's post is a simple one: why the Democrats are better than the Republicans. You'd think this would be self-evident, but given how many Republicans there are in this country, apparently it's not. I'm reminded why Democrats are better than Republicans every time I take my dogs for a walk.

As we wander around Newport, we occasionally come across a small metal plate affixed within the concrete of the sidewalk. The plate says:

1935 - 1937

The Works Progress Administration, or WPA, was a government agency set up during the New Deal to build infrastructure and employ workers during the Great Depression, thereby ameliorating two problems facing the country back then: too little infrastructure, and too many unemployed workers. The WPA built dams, bridges, libraries, airports; the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas; the Picnic Shelter in Piedmont Park, Atlanta; and of course, the sidewalks in Newport, Rhode Island.

Seventy years after they were built, the sidewalks of Newport still provide value to the good people of this city (and their dogs), a testament to the power of good government to improve the lives of generations of citizens, and a testament to those Democratic politicians of the 1930s who embraced the concept of good government and made it work.

What legacy have the Republicans left to the people of this country? Pretty much the only positive accomplishment they can point to is President Eisenhower's interstate highway system, and even that was actually created by Democrats: Representative George Hyde Fallon of Maryland, and Senator Albert Gore, Sr., of Tennessee.

As for George W. Bush, what legacies will he leave behind him after departing from the White House? Well, all the budget deficits he ran up will still be unpaid, and all the people he's managed to kill will still be dead, and that's about it.

And that's why Democrats are better than Republicans.
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